The Shining Vega

Hello Milkyway!!My Name is detry, i’m Member of is 15 june, today is yoon sungmo birthday, he is 1 of 6 star in the sky…

i love him..^^

today, i try to make something for him,not too special, but i try my best..



“Vega (α full scr / α Lyrae / Alpha Lyrae) is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky, the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere sky after Arcturus, and is a “neighborhood star” The Sun at a distance of 25, 3 years of light.

Vega has a spectral class A0V, and thus is a main sequence star that is establish a burning hydrogen into helium in its core. As a class A0V star, Vega will only shine a billion years, one tenth of the Sun at the time of life. Age Vega is currently estimated between 200 and 500 million years old. Vega are two times more massive than the Sun and emit 50 times more energy. Vega is also a very fast rotating stars [1].

Because the effects of precession on the Earth’s rotation, at around 14,000, Vega will become the North Star.

It has long, Vega used as a standard star in the absolute photometric calibration by astronomers. Vega’s apparent magnitude is defined as zero for all wavelengths.”

It is a description of vega in the supernova in the solar system

but ……..

vega, our star, he is human ..

Yoon Sungmo the vega ..

he is one of the stars in a supernova that has sound reassuring anyone arrives, he’s an amazing figure, he was calm but the light never ceases to shine, I admire, admire every thing that exists in itself, the figure was so amazing, Vega. both vega it has the same meaning in my life, so admirable and shining, the name of vega is suitable if the clothing by a yoon sungmo, a figure that is always able to give color to anyone in his side, strains of the song is heard along with the voice he spoke so harmonious and beautiful at the hearing ..

I love you, admire you, love you and will always be at your side, I proudly bears the name as your fans, because I’m a MiILKYWAY!!!

fans of an all-powerful group called SUPERNOVA!


by : Detryana Kartika

4 thoughts on “The Shining Vega

  1. anyeoongg ❤
    Mian klo aku udah ganggu sebelumnya
    aku reader baru d blog chingu
    sering baca dan nungguin ff chingu kluar tp gak pernah coment karena ol d hp
    Tau ff chingu waktu baca koreannc
    di situ aku mulai suka ff nya chingu
    cerita nya tu pas banget,gak berlebihan kyk ff yg lain,malah aku kira itu udah kyk kenyataan
    chingu boleh minta pw nya? aku udah 20 thn
    jd gak apa-apa kan

    • annyeong…^^
      hahaha…nggak ganggu kok, terima kasih dah mau berkunjung n baca isi blog saya…^^
      hehehehe….terima kasih udah mau baca, malah q sendiri mikirnya FFq masih sangat acak2an lho, kadang suka ketawa klo pas bikin ato pas baca…XD
      klo mau minta PW langsung minta lwat twitterq di @GeonilDetry ato di FBq detryana geonil park aja y…
      soalnya kalo q kasih lewat komen ntar kalo da yang di bawah umur buka kan jadi ngggak enak juga kan…^^
      nanti tanya langsung k q ja ya, q kasih lwat akunq, makasih sebelumnya..^^

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